Casino Games

Gambling games found in casinos are always termed as casino games. In playing casino games, a gambler chooses a wide variety of possible available outcomes. These gambling games are also available in online casinos.

Casino games are divided into three main types namely; table games, electronic gaming machine and random number ticket games.

Casino Games

Casino Games
Casino Games

Some of casino games are discussed below.


Pachinko is a gambling device that was first developed in japan. This gambling game can be used for two purposes i.e recreational arcade game and also as a gambling device. The pachinko machine look like a vertical pin ball machine but the only difference is that it lacks flippers.

During gambling using this machine, the gambler directs the balls into the machine which are then flow downs via high populated pins.  The balls may be captured when they are in specific destinations. In this game, a player aims at capturing many balls.

The balls can be then exchanged with other prizes such as money if the player wishes to do so. In that case the player should have to call the staff member using a call button on the machine. The balls captured will now be taken by the staff member to an automated counting machine for counting and recording. After that, the player is then issued with a voucher that correspond the number of balls.

Slot machine

Slot machine is a gambling device that consists of three or more reels. These reels spin when the button of the machine is pushed. This device was originally was termed as one-armed bandits. A gambler playing using a slot machine puts cash into a specified slot on the machine. After that, on pressing a touchscreen, the equipment is activated. The goal of this game is to win money from the device.  Players in this game are normally credited with prizes such as cash whenever they match a combination that is suitable according to the regulations of the game.

Video lottery terminal

This is a casino game machine which gives a gambler an opportunity to bet basing on the outcomes of the video game. This machine has a random-number generator. Terminals are attached to a computer system which is always centralized. Results of each gambler are random.  None of the gamblers should be able to know the total amount of the payouts. The least percentage payout is normally written according jurisdiction’s law which governs the gaming. Payout is usually realized by adjusting the anticipated overall payout.

Video poker

Video poker is game which is operates depending on five-card draw poker. Like slot machine, video poker also played on computerized in size. Money is placed into the machine. After this, the game started by placing a bet of one or more of credits and then the ‘’deal’’ button is compelled. The gambler player is then given 5 cards corresponding to five-card draw which is the basic principle of the gaming machine. The player has a chance of getting rid of one of more of the cards in favor of getting fresh ones picked from the same deck. At the end of the game, the machine pays out if the game played corresponds to any one of the winning combinations which are in the payable table.



Bingo is a gambling game in which different numbers are matched by players against numbers which are pre-printed on 5*5 cards. During this game, the winner normally alerts other players by shouting ‘’Bingo’’. This calls for a possible win. After this, the players involved in such game should check the outcomes to confirm the player claiming to be a winner has not done a mistake prior to the presentation of the prize to the winner.



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