Major Differences Between Online And Physical Slots Machines

The aspect of gambling is known to the society since time immemorial. It has exponentially progressed and transitioned into what the society calls as the casinos. These houses are the hub for various entertainment activities and are usually integrated with retail shops, restaurants, hotels, cruise ships etc. The casinos also host live events such as sporting events, concerts, stand-up comedies and drama. With the advent and growth of technology, there are newer methods through which people gamble. The most basic and profitable form of income for the casinos is through the slot machines. People have to know the major differences between online and physical slots machines before playing in their desired casino.

The land-based slot machine used to have a lever which when pulled used to display a random sequence. According to this sequence, the money would be exchanged between the player and the ‘house’. Nowadays, these levers are replaced by buttons but the other functionalities of the slot machine remain the same. Most of the gambling in today’s world is done online through different websites. The following points list out the difference between the online slot machines and the real time land-based slot machine.

Major Differences Between Online And Physical Slots Machines

  • The slot machines that are present in the casinos is that it cannot be accessed by all the gambling enthusiasts, the primary reason being that they are not situated close by to the casinos. Hence, the online slot machines have an advantage over the land-based counterparts. Any user around the world can play and gamble without actually going to the casinos. Also, actually going to a casino abroad will cost the people a lot more than what actually they can probably win at the casino.
  • The other major advantage offered by the online slots is that they usually come with free games for the machines. These are mostly offered at sites like Slot E-Games Machine On Pc, Mobile IOS, Android where you can play for free for as long as you like. This allows the user to get to know more about the machines. The user can make calculated decisions without actually having to shell out money. This is not allowed on the land-based machines as the user has to gamble with actual real money from the beginning.
Major Differences Between Online And Physical Slots Machines
Major Differences Between Online And Physical Slots Machines

Other Advantage of Online Slot Machines

  • Another major advantage of the online slot machines is that the anonymity of all the users is maintained. In a real-life casino, the gamblers are not totally anonymous. One has to be careful because there may be actual threats to the winner. In the online world of gambling, only the ‘house’ knows the identity of the all its users. Also, the gamblers online may further use aliases to be totally anonymous.
  • Due to the limited number of slot machines in any given casino, there is always a huge rush. The patrons end up waiting in long queues. In the online casinos, due to the availability of innumerable slot machines, there can never be a dearth of these and all the players are satisfied. Also, the gamblers can take their own time and decide about their next play which is very difficult in the offline slots.
  • The casinos in the real world use various tricks and techniques to attract customers and shell out money to play the games. They totally avoid having clocks in the casino area so that the players cannot get their actual bearings about their time spent at the casino. Also, the casinos usually don’t have windows and are always lit so that the gamblers aren’t aware of the passage of time. All these problems are done away with in the online arenas. Unlike the land-based casinos, a person getting addicted to online casinos is very rare.


Hence, according to above points, it can be observed that online slot machine and games have many more advantages than the offline land-based slot machine present in the casino. Some may argue that the real fun of the live slot machines is lost, but again such points are debatable and the true verdict lies with the individual.

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