Moneyline Betting in Basketball Explained

For your information, money line betting is just one of the most common basketball bet. It is widely known in NCAA basketball games and generally considered as straight betting. To know more about this betting type, read this entire article where moneyline betting in basketball explained thoroughly by experts at The Biggest Online Sports Betting Site In Malaysia. When you say moneyline, it is utilized every time there are two possible results. Say for instance, when you are putting a moneyline wager for a basketball game, you are actually betting on which of the team will take home the prize. Your choices will either support the underdog or back your favourite.

Moneyline Betting in Basketball Explained

Things No One Tells You About Money Line Betting

  • For most parts of sports betting, odds could be presented in three ways namely fractional odds, American odds and decimal odds. American odds can be determined easily since they are usually presented in whole numbers such as 100, 200 and etc. They are being employed in Canada and US especially in American football. Meanwhile, decimal odds are presented through decimal formats like 2.1, 1.4 and so on.
  • To calculate payouts from positive moneyline odds, you can use this equation:

Possible payout = Stake x (odds/100)

  • Nevertheless, if you want to know your payouts for a negative moneyline odds, simply utilize this equation:
  • Possible payout = Stake / (odds/100)
Moneyline Betting in Basketball Explained
Moneyline Betting in Basketball Explained

How Does It Work?

Oftentimes, moneyline betting can be too daunting to learn for some bettors out there. Be that as it may, it is a balance of reward vs. risk. For example, a big favourite of -200 or even more will perhaps win their matchup. However, that hefty amount of price simply denotes that you need to risk a lot for a small payout.

For a moneyline bet of -200, you have to win the bet about 50% of the time so you can break even. Once your odds jump more than that, you have to win your bet more to get a profit. To simply put, you need to sacrifice a lot to win just a bit. Although a large favourite would win more often, once they lose, you’ll just find yourself without even a single dime. As much as possible, keep away from large favourite moneylines since the possible amount risked is too high while payoff is relatively low.

Alternatively, you can earn a lot from underdog moneylines. Upsets occur more than often, thus, it’s a wise decision if you’ll use moneyline betting. Say for instance, for a +200 wager, bettors will just need to win 25% of the time so they could break even. When you found upsets even decently, moneyline bettors on the underdog could be a profitable thing.

There you have it—some of the things you need to know about money line betting in basketball. Now that you’re aware of it, you should know that it’s a way to go in different sports. However, be mindful when you are betting sports such as NCAAFB, NFL, NCAABB, and NBA when a team is only -2, or -1. Most likely, a better way to go with these sports is through the points since you might don’t want to take the odds. This basically depends on the moneyline odds. Don’t forget to check always them prior on finalizing a certain bet for a small line.

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