Nice Stories at the Zany Zebra Slot Online Game

Nice Stories at the Zany Zebra Slot Online Game – Slot games do not have to be complicated or full of surprises. Sometimes, a simple game using the little payline reel and could generate far greater profits. You can try the slot game in Slot E-Games Machine On Pc, Mobile IOS, Android that is simple but beneficial in the Zany Zebra slot game. The game is very interesting that players will not feel bored even though the gameplay on offer is classic.

Nice Stories at the Zany Zebra Slot Online Game


The game uses a 3-reel slot is usually synonymous with slot machine themed fruits. No wonder so many are bored and avoid slot games like this. However, Zany Zebra slot game is completely different. The game is easy to understand, simple to see, and a great chance of winning obviously makes you can not miss the opportunity provided.

Nice Stories at the Zany Zebra Slot Online Game
Nice Stories at the Zany Zebra Slot Online Game

How to Play

Beginners should use Zany Zebra game to understand overview of the slot game. You see, Zany Zebra is played using various symbols that are often encountered in the slot game. For example golden bell symbol, the symbol bar (1, 2, and 3), and the number 7. The Zany Zebra symbol itself is a wild symbol of this game and can replace any symbol if it appears on a reel.

Zany Zebra slot game only using 5 paylines. Sequence payline, details of payouts, and all related matters of this game can immediately be learned when you are faced with a panel game. In Slot machine games, free slot betting website, simplicity contained in this game adds to the fun of playing the slots. Moreover, the advantages provided to the game Zany Zebra is not simple.

You only need to press the spin button to start the game. To bet, you must place bets according to the bet denomination applies to this game. One coin on the slot game Zany Zebra ranged from 0.25 to 5.00. If you’re too lazy to specify the number of bets and want to bet with the highest money, you can utilize the max bet button located to the left of the spin button. You can also set the number of payline you want to use by using one bet button located to the left of the max bet button.

Bonuses and Profits

Players should use all the paylines that are available to get the chance to win bigger. Moreover, you have a chance to win a jackpot worth of 6.000x. This jackpot will appear if you get 3 Zebra symbols on an active payline used. The less active payline you use, the lower the amount of bonus you get with a multiple of 1.000x to 4.000x. Therefore, you actually need not hesitate to play the maximum bet.

Activates all paylines will increase your chance to win prizes from the combination of the various symbols contained on this game. For example the symbol number 7 which gives the maximum profit potential of 300x. The more the number payline that you play, the more likely you are to get more combinations. The advantage that you get will also be increased in accordance with the payouts for each combination.

Getting a winning combination on slot game Zany Zebra in Casino E-Games, Slot Mobile Betting, Big Wins Free Spins is not difficult. Every few rounds, you will successfully landed one or two a winning combination that exceeds the capital you spend. So, you will always have the opportunity to target the greatest profit from wild symbol.

Nice Stories at the Zany Zebra Slot Online Game does not offer bonus features like free spins, bonus games, multiplier, or seenisnya. However, payouts of each symbol in this game is high. Higher than most payouts on a 5-reel slot game. Therefore, you can try this game while honing your ability to play the slots. Could you be more interested in Zany Zebra compared to other games because the profit that incessantly obtained every day.

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