Strategies and Rules to Remember in Playing Sic Bo

Sic Bo, one of the most ancient three-dice casino game which plays like Chuck-a-Luck or craps but with some adjustments. Playing this game is a no-brainer. In fact, it only take few minutes for an average reader to comprehend the strategies and rules to remember in playing sic bo. Unleash them one by one through reading this article.

Strategies and Rules to Remember in Playing Sic Bo

Its Payouts And Bets

Most players can use three major strategies when they are into Sic Bo. These are Medium, Low and lastly high-risk strategies. Learn more about these strategies with the following:

  • Low risk method

Low risk strategy is specifically tailored for beginners which have small bankroll. Moreover, it also targets people who‘d like to play in a defensive way. In this strategy, you just need to utilize simple bets which are designed to accumulate wins gradually. Not only that, it can also limit your losses.

  • Medium risk method

On the other hand, this strategy is designed for those who have medium-sized bankroll and has the ability to make a bit complex strategy. The notion is to utilize small combo bets in order to get as much as possible winning chances. Compared to low risk method, there’s always higher risk of losing here.

  • High risk method

Lastly, this strategy is intended for high rollers and professionals. To simply put, it’s designed for those with bigger bankrolls. The main idea behind it is to employ all of the available means in order to hit many bets simultaneously. The thing here is, you can lose hefty amount of money as soon as you play through this method. However, on the other side of the story, you can also hit the jackpot all at once.

Strategies and Rules to Remember in Playing Sic Bo
Strategies and Rules to Remember in Playing Sic Bo

Likewise, Sic Bo’s payout typically varies from one casino to another. To know the right payout information, better check first the in-game payout info prior on betting. While Sic Bo payout ratio might change on some bets, however in general, all casinos online such as The most trusted live casino website in Malaysia will provide you reasonable average ratios:

  • Small and big bet typically pays 1:1
  • Single dice combo bet typically pays 1:2
  • Two dices combo bet typically pays 2:1
  • Specific double bet could pay 10:1
  • Specific triple bet could up to 180:1
  • Triple bet would pay 30:1

What Is The Main Objective Of This Game?

You should know that the main objective of this game is to foretell the value of the three dices. In general, bets will be placed within the Sic Bo table, just like when you’re just betting in roulette. Right after you place the bet, these dices needs to be shaken. Once they come to rest, you can now know the result of the bet.

While Sic Bo may appear to be a little complicated however, when you relax as well as take some time then you could become more familiar with the game and table within few minutes. Don’t forget to at least try the free play game prior on playing for real cash.

Whether you consider yourself an ultimate risk taker or a new to the Sic Bo world, this game can definitely provide everyone something valuable. But you need to make sure that you’ll only trust a reliable Malaysia betting site. By doing so, you’re rest assured that you won’t waste ever your hard-earned money while enjoying the entire game. Knowing the rules and strategy in Sic bo makes you one step ahead above the online competition.

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