SuperEasy Ways To Learn Everything About Basketball Handicap Betting Strategy

Looking to profit from betting the game of basketball is actually not impossible. If you are a lover of the NBA, then you will find some bettors who become much richer within 6 months of the ongoing NBA. These achievements can be realized thanks to the dedication, courage, and of course luck. One type of betting bookmakers favorite to gain an advantage is betting handicap.

The gains of handicap betting on basketball games influenced by the strategy adopted by the bookmakers like Best Online Sports Bookie Website & Asia Top Free Bets Bookmaker. Some bettors managed to formulate effective strategies and the flexibility to change strategy when the game runs in the opposite direction. The bettor takes a couple of games until finally able to find the right formula to win and make a profit. If you are interested in handicap betting basketball game and have not been able to devise a good strategy to win the bet, here’s a super easy way that can be used for handicap betting on basketball games.

SuperEasy Ways To Learn Everything About Basketball Handicap Betting Strategy
SuperEasy Ways To Learn Everything About Basketball Handicap Betting Strategy

SuperEasy Ways To Learn Everything About Basketball Handicap Betting Strategy


Handicap is basically the points which are added to one of the teams. Handicap consist of a plus (+) and minus (-). The team that earns a plus will be benefited with an additional number of points according to the given handicap at The Biggest Online Sports Betting Site in Malaysia. The team that earns a minus handicap must earn more points than the opposing team as calculated in accordance with the handicap. Let’s just say the Golden State Warriors get a handicap -5.50. If the score temporarily collected by the Golden State Warriors is 110, then the scores obtained according to the version of this team handicap is 110 to 5.50 or 104.50.

At first glance, handicap betting does seem complicated and difficult to benefit. Actually, this bet could potentially increase your profits if you bet on the right team using effective strategies. If you bet on the winning team, then the odds given for handicap betting is usually higher than the money line. Moreover, it is not difficult for the great teams to excel by 10 to 15 points of the given handicap.

Handicap Betting Strategies in Basketball

There are many strategies that are used for handicap betting on basketball games at Malaysia Online Sports Betting Site, Live in Play Bets. Here are some of the strategies used by professional gamblers to bet on a basketball game handicap.

  • Betting on the underdog team.

Best team is usually won the game. However, the final outcome of the game usually are never as predicted. Not infrequently they won with difficulty. Even a landslide win, the difference in the final result matches usually do not exceed the given handicap. Nevertheless, you still have to be careful. There are several teams that are capable of playing consistently and successfully pass the given handicap. Discover teams like that and avoid playing handicap when they competed against a team underdog.

  • Waiting for the best odds once the game starts.

The odds will be updated when the game was in progress. Often odds given in the range that is more favorable than the odds before the game progresses. Reliable bookmakers will choose to monitor the game while waiting for the right moment to place bets. Moreover, not infrequently strong teams left in the first in a few minutes early. Odd given will be far down so that you can choose to make the odds more likely to be achieved.

  • Using a Mix Parlay Bet.

Mix parlay betting is one form that is effective to make you earn profits several times higher. Before the game started, sportsbook usually provide handicap with odds that are relatively low. Take advantage of the mix parlay bet to earn better profits by combining several options handicap that can be won.

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