The most controversial violent e-games ever

We know that most children play video games for past time and when they can’t go out to play. It is important and a duty of parents and elders to check what there children are playing and what games they themselves are buying for their kids. As not all games have a positive impact on children. These days’kids prefer to play more violent games then are healthy. That’s not all; some games have been in controversies for being Cruel. Here are some destroying and violent video games that children like to play.

The most controversial violent e-games ever

The most controversial violent e-games ever
The most controversial violent e-games ever

Battlefield: hard-line

the game which revolves around the plot of a war zone and fight between the cops and drug dealers. A player takes the role of cops and tries to end the drug network. Players have variety of guns to kill people with, with lots of screaming’s from pain and spilling of blood. Even in the game people are also fed to crocodiles which is way too much for children. Players even are allowed to select a non- violent route to play the game, which include arresting criminals instead of killing them. The games show a lot of consumption of drugs and alcohol which is not good for kids to watch as they can get badly influenced by that.

Dying light

the horror survival game is known for its action sequence and a creative plot. In this game the player plays the role of a soldier who’s airdropped into large city of harran, in turkey. This is a fiction based city in which the player investigates the cause of outbreak of zombies. In this a player can also turn into a zombie and hunt other players when playing multiplayer matches. You will be covered in blood and gore as you kill the dead ones. You can use weapons that can incinerate them.


the one of the most controversial games in the history is this game for its plot and content. It was noted that it should be played first by adults only as it is clearly made to provoke a response. In this the player plays a role of a sociopath who attempts to kill cops and innocent passers. This game is very brutal as when you kill these people, they ask and beg for mercy before they are been executed.

Mad max

this game would be the most being downloaded and played by youngsters and children as the name is much known because of the movie on which this game is based. The violence in this game is endless as the killing spree starts from the beginning and keeps happening till the end. This game shows the journey of max through the wasteland. The max in the game is the player who can drive his car over his enemies, break necks and harm other characters in the game. The game also includespromotion of drugs and seeing and forming piles of dead bodies.

Until dawn

this one is one of the most eye-catching and no need to repeat an extreme violent game ever made. This game is set on an isolated mountain lodge, the players are the controllers of a set of teens who are being hunted down and disappeared one by one. The deaths of these teens are shown in a very brutal manner, someone is shown beheaded, and someone disarmed altogether this will a very terrifying experience for a player.

These games are not the one a person would want his/ her kids to play as all this can be very harmful for them and can lead to serious changes.

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